New Studio in Croydon

I have taken a studio in the new ASC Grafton Quarter complex in Croydon, a 10 minute cycle from my home.


I selected this south facing corner studio, F23, because of its sustained sunlight throughout the day, and the view of the industrial factory buildings on the adjacent sites.


The studios are a Section 106 agreement under the terms of the New London Plan to provide “affordable workspace … for a specific social, cultural or economic development purpose … such as artists’ studios and designer-maker spaces”. The studios occupy the two lower floors (ground and first) of the apartment building in a new housing development in West Croydon.


Interestingly, we moved into the studios before the residential units were occupied – this appears to be a stipulation of the affordable workspace clause of the New London Plan: “The affordable workspace elements of a mixed-use scheme should be operational prior to residential elements being occupied”.

2 thoughts on “New Studio in Croydon

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