Monthly Archives: March 2019

Factory Wall Timescales [2]

The factory wall records time. Experienced from the adjacent artists’ studios the wall receives light, marking the passage of time, counting the hours, days and seasons. The film takes the distracted, peripheral experience of the wall, registered though these disparate timescales, concentrating the captured fragments into a focused, new construction. The screen of the wall is dissected and reconstituted in the screen of the film. The concluding coda synthesises an extended timeframe of eighty days of continuous filming into one minute of pulsing days, flickering light and washes of rain. Continue reading

Phoenix Gallery Timeframes at Making Representations

Three day time-lapse showing the gallery residency, exhibition set up, and symposium.

Making Representations was a three-day project which ran from 27 February – 1st March 2019, in the Phoenix Studios North Gallery, Brighton. The project culminated in a half-day symposium followed by a public exhibition opening, and included five artist-researchers – Bill Leslie, Eleanor Suess, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Katie McCallum, Felicity Hammond and Dean Kenning, whose work all touches on questions of representation – architectural, filmic, mathematical, linguistic and photographic. The symposium consisted of performances, workshop activities, and concluded with a discussion of wider issues of representation.  Continue reading