Monthly Archives: October 2016

Light modulator – 3 views of North elevation time @ 1:100 scale

I can’t get the autoplay to work on all three videos – it should look like this.

These all record a day (a different day each) from the appearance of daylight to its disappearance. The temporal scale of 100 x real time (or 1:100) provides a duration of just over 7 minutes – this requires the viewer to commit to the act of watching, but also allows the appearance and disappearance of daylight to move at what feels like an appropriate pace – slow enough to notice the qualities at different stages of light, but fast enough to see the slow changes in light.

Draft of “Displaced” – reconstruction of Nauman’s Double Doors

This is made from one continuous recording, which on the 32GB SD card lasted over 3 days. This allowed the triptych format, with the times loosely aligned.

The red flashes are the red light on the Yi camera – it is not possible to control how and when this activates – it comes on even when all LEDs are disabled. While I have tried to eliminate this from the modular recordings, I like the effect for the Nauman reconstruction – it is evocative of his  work with fluorescent signage lighting.