Monthly Archives: April 2017

Cyanotype room/camera – prints

The prints from the cyanotype room/camera models are recorded below. I preferred the print to have the window wall at the bottom, so that it connected directly with the shadows on the floor. Occasionally I exposed them the other way up. On the 20th April (when most of the tests were conducted) there was intermittent sun and cloud all day. This had the effect that the solid dark blue “shadows” of the sunlight are not continuous, rather each marks the time the sun emerged from behind clouds.

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Three Yi model

Having acquired a third Yi camera I wanted to produce a model room for the three cameras to film simultaneously, each in portrait, to produce a triptych. I calculated the proportions for a model which would provide an amount of overlap between each camera’s field of view, and which would include an amount of side walls, floor and ceiling.

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