Three Yi model

Having acquired a third Yi camera I wanted to produce a model room for the three cameras to film simultaneously, each in portrait, to produce a triptych. I calculated the proportions for a model which would provide an amount of overlap between each camera’s field of view, and which would include an amount of side walls, floor and ceiling.

ThreeYiModelProposal1As I wanted to take the model flat-packed to Australia with me, to make use of the sunshine I expected there, I made it to be pinned, rather than glued. I used a scale of 1:33 as this was small enough to transport, and worked with the cameras’ FOVs.



The front wall of the model was designed to hold the three cameras – this was initially to allow the wall to act as tripod, to hold the cameras in a fixed position. However, the embedding of the camera in the architectural component, rather than fully occupying the space, is an interesting side effect of this strategy. The form of the wall/tripod takes on its own tectonic character.

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