Silk cone found object models

For the reconvening of the Austinmer International Knitting Circle I had brought yarn to dye with eucalyptus leaves. The silk yarn once skeined left three perforated grey card cones. The grey card is similar to that commonly used for architectural models, and the form of the cones and perforations made an interesting found object, both externally and internally. I thought this would be an interesting object to film, and the three cones matched the three Yi cameras.

I used the camera mount wall from the three Yi model to hold the cameras while I filmed. I taped tracing paper over the holes at the top of the cones to obscure the view through this aperture.

In the simple edit above the first image was shot singly on day 1. The second and third were shot simultaneously on day 2 and the fourth and fifth on day 3. On both the second and third days I filmed with three cameras, but one each day one stopped filming very early. This repeated problem needs investigation.

As with the light modulator model, the footage at dusk was particularly enjoyable.

I would like to also film the shadows these objects create as a trio.

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