Polystyrene foam improvised model test

As part of my interest in sciagraphy (the drawing of shadows), I have been using found objects to form spatial assemblies and to film the shadows that they cast.

These white polystyrene blocks had come as packing material for steel storage cabinets. This readymade variety of thickness and length, yet having some repetition in cross-section, offered components to quickly assemble a “massing model”. As part of my interest in sciagraphy (the drawing of shadows), I wanted to see how the white material would film, and was hoping that the emphasis would be on the shadows, with the forms largely disappearing.

I had initially intended to film this with my Panasonic HD video camera in order to utilise its zoom and accurate focussing, but the camera appears to be malfunctioning. I therefore used one of the original Yi action cameras with my 6-22mm zoom M12 lens. I strapped the powerbank to the tripod, and later covered it in silver foil to prevent overheating in the sun.

I had tried to position the model and tripod to minimise shadows cast on the model by the tripod. However, around midday the tall bamboo started to cast a shadow, and then by 1:30pm the tripod leg was casting a shadow on the model.

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