Silk cone shadows on Perth verandah roof

Shadows of the cones from silk yarn filmed with the Yi action camera at 24fps, HD, with 1 frame every 0.5 seconds time-lapse. The footage has been sped up by 500% on Premiere, resulting in a temporal scale of 1:60.

The angle of the camera did not give a true plan view as to do so would have resulted in the camera’s own shadow entering the shot. This meant that not only did the barrelling of the wide-angle lens need correcting, but the perspective of the view of the shadows also needed correcting with the corner pin effect. As the suns shadows are effectively parallel, I ensured the cones’ shadows did not converge.

I was filming at my Mum’s house in Perth, Western Australia in April (autumn). However, due to the hot climate in Perth, both front and back gardens have been planted to be provide plenty of  shade, and the only place I could get continuous sun for most of the day was on the front verandah roof. The cones were all blown over by the time I checked on the installation, however the camera had stopped recording by then. The camera only recording for a short period may be due to battery drain – the camera may not have been charging when connected to the powerbank with a USB extension cable.

The speckles that appear and disappear somewhat like film scratches are in-fact ants crawling across the card background.

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