Axonometric Portrait, small boxes 2

This second arrangement using the small acrylic boxes starts with a clear geometric structure using the larger of the boxes, which then rises to two and occasionally three storeys with the addition of the smaller boxes.

The above clip shows the shadows of the arrangement from a single day of almost continuous sunshine. The one below overlays three days of very intermittent sunshine, using the multiply blending mode.

Unfortunately the Yi4K action camera stopped recording while I was filming the takedown of the arrangement. I will now use two cameras to film the setup and takedown as these “performances” cannot be repeated.

The above clip shows the removal of the acrylic sheet containing the assemblage of boxes, so that a cyanotype exposure can be made. The clip below shows the process of the cyanotype exposure, including the frequent rotation of the whole assembly so that the shadows remain in (mostly) the same place.


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