Axonometric Portrait 4

Three cyanotype prints were made from this arrangement. The arrangement takes the same starting point as the previous “Axonometric Portrait” arrangements – this one follows a similar strategy to Axonometric Portrait 2, with the grid of 2×2 cubes being expanded to 3×3. Smaller cubes and solid blocks (many of which have at least one side of 50mm length) are then placed in the spaces in between the none larger boxes. No elements are placed within the large boxes.

Two days of shadows overlaid with the “overlay” blending mode.

Three cyanotype prints were made from this arrangement.

There is no takedown clip as the filming assembly suffered an accident after making the cyanotype prints, collapsing to the floor, tearing the rice paper screen and leaving the acrylic cubes and blocks in a jumble on the floor. However, the rice paper screen needed remaking anyway, and the jumble of blocks was so lovely that I started making “disordered” arrangements as counterpoints to the rigour of the formal arrangements of blocks.

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