Small box experiments

This series of tests was undertaken partly to see if I can get a sharper image with using a different material to the Opal Perspex – I had realised that the milky nature of the solid sheet material was effectively diffusing the shadows so that they were not sharp on the rear side. This diffusion is a deliberate material property as it is meant for use in light boxes.

I had a small sheet of perspex waiting to be cut into pieces for making more small cubes, whose white protective layer had not yet been removed. These tests use a very simple filming apparatus, and an even smaller plastic box than the 50mm ones I was making.

This clip shows an overlay of four pieces of footage made by separately tilting the whole filming assembly in each of four directions so the the shadows get longer and shorter.

This clip is made by rotating the whole filming assembly in four 90° increments, so that the shadow rotates.

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