Acrylic block shadows

With the arrival of a new batch of acrylic blocks I was able to make a much larger arrangement just with blocks. The clip above shows me unwrapping the blocks and then setting up the arrangement. This means that I did not start the arrangement itself from a “blank” surface, but rather translated the objects that had arrived from elsewhere into an architectural configuration.

The clip below uses 8 days of footage, filmed between 5-13 August 2019, overlaid with the “soft light” blending mode. “Soft light” is less harsh that the “overlay” blending mode, and reduces the overall contrast when either layers are overlaid.

This clip takes the days with the strongest shadows, overlays them with the “overlay” blending mode, and misaligns them, so that the shadows flick from one position to another as the sun is obscured and revealed in a unique pattern on each day.

The first day of footage has the most continuous shadows, but they still flicker on and off with the passing cloud cover.

Taking down the assembly.

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