Factory Wall Timescales [3]

The factory wall records time. Experienced from the adjacent artists’ studios the wall receives light, marking the passage of time, counting the hours, days and seasons. The film takes the distracted, peripheral experience of the wall, registered though these disparate timescales, concentrating the captured fragments into a focused, new construction. The screen of the wall is dissected and reconstituted in the screen of the film. The concluding coda synthesises an extended timeframe of eighty days of continuous filming into one minute of pulsing days, flickering light and washes of rain.

I have re-edited the recent edit of a film of the factory wall outside my studio. This was in response to the 5-minute time limit of a film festival that I was keen to submit to. The resultant 04:14 edit (shortened from 07:40) is tighter and uses overlaid transitions more than the original edit.

This film is part of an ongoing project to explore the experience of dwelling in adjacency to the continually changing the factory wall adjacent to my studio. The film utilises the fragments of individual moving image sequences all filmed from the same source, over various periods of time, to engage the viewer in ideas of representation, of space and place, and past, present and future. An earlier version of this work took the form of a moving image installation using analog box monitors and digital projection. The visitor constructed a version of the view of the factory wall, navigating between the screens, the different time frames and time scales.

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