Cone Shadows in vitrine

The introduction of a retired fishtank to my studio for use as a giant vitrine provided the opportunity to further explore the shadows cast by the cardboard cones.

This initial set up was not used for filming, but allowed for contemplation of the shadows cast by the cones and the “vitrine”, included reflected shadows on the studio’s floor and ceiling. The “containment” of the cone objects within the box of the vitrine is manifest in their respective shadow relationship. However, filming the above configuration would prove difficult, as the projected images moved substantially due to its elevation above the primary receiving surface of the floor. This particular configuration may be one that I explore through a single large cyanotype print, rather than a film.

I therefore adapted the set-up to one where I could film the shadows of the cones as projected on the lower plane of the vitrine.

I lined this surface with greaseproof paper, and set up an upward facing camera below the vitrine. The resultant footage contains a line from the shadow of the junction of the back and top planes of the vitrine.

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