Filming the practice of the architectural moving drawing

When filming the third version of the multiple camera box model, I, in what would turn out to be a significant move for my practice, also filmed the entire process of making the model, setting up the cameras, the filming of the model taking place in my absence, and the removal of the cameras and model when filming had completed.

Reviewing this footage identified the performative nature of the practice, of the agency of my disciplinary, and transdisciplinary acts of making. The imagery also revealed the relationship between the model room within the space of the actual room of making, and the relationship of this room to the spaces and life beyond, as seen though the studio windows.

Day 1 of filming. The sunlight moves across the surfaces of the room, as well as the exterior of the model, in parallel to its movement within the model.My reflection in the studio window show me undertaking another activity, in this case attempting to repair my sewing machine.

Night 2 of filming, in which it rains, and allows reflections of the factory wall to be formed in the wet ground of the car park beyond. As dawn approaches the carpark begins to fill.

Dismantling the filming setup and removing the model.

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