Austinmer box 1 – split screen

Found box with bubble wrap floor and open roof filmed in Austinmer, NSW, Australia, using two Firefly 8S (90º FOV) cameras positioned side-by-side, using time-lapse recording at 1 frame every 2 seconds.

In Premiere, the footage from both cameras has been sped up by 200%, and edited into a split screen with a third of each clip (the part corresponding with the centre of the box) removed with the crop effect. The height of each clip has been adjusted to ensure alignment of the floor and moving shadows.

No colour adjustment has been applied to the two pieces of footage to correct the differential colour cast and exposure level of each camera, and a small black gap has been left between the clips to acknowledge the separate cameras. Together these strategies help to break down a sense of continuity of space. Additionally these, coupled with the visibility of the filmed object’s physical nature (size and material), help to undermine any notion of “transparent” representation of a “real” space.

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