Fruit Cartons – Perth Verandah Roof

Filmed with the Firefly 8S in March 2018 in time-lapse mode, 1 frame every 2 seconds @ 25fps, temporal scale 1:50. I was filming at my Mum’s house in Perth, Western Australia in April (autumn). However, due to the hot climate in Perth, both front and back gardens have been planted to be provide plenty of  shade, and the only place I could get continuous sun for most of the day was on the front verandah roof.

I only filmed with one camera here, so the detailed views in the edit below are zooms (150%, 300%, 600%) of the wider-angled footage. I have also edited out the black night-time footage so there it a temporal discontinuity.

I set up a different fruit carton lining (with slightly different forms) with two Firefly 8S cameras, one with the original 90ºFOV lens, and the other with the 8mm lens to provide a more zoomed view.

The speckles that appear and disappear somewhat like film scratches are in-fact ants crawling across the card surface.

To try to avoid the cameras overheating in the sun (the first Firefly 8S ‘s battery was destroyed in this way) I covered them in the silver lining of a water box. Unfortunately early on in the filming this was dislodged in the windy conditions in this exposed location. The square piece of footage above is the most that I can extract cleanly from the recordings.

I had used two cameras with different zoom lenses to try to get different scales of imagery – this is what they filmed.

I set up the installation again, but made silver “jackets” for the cameras. However, only short recordings were made.

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