Quelima SQ11

The Quelima SQ11 is a very small, low resolution and exceptionally cheap camera, with IR LEDs for night shooting. I bought the camera to test the quality of image from such a small camera as it may allow filming in smaller models.

While the camera is marketed as 1080P HD, it is only capable of native 720P resolution. It has a Generalplus 1248 processor and a very small and unspecified CMOS sensor.

I hadn’t checked whether the camera came with wifi – it does not, and with no screen this makes previewing the image difficult. The camera does however have a AV out port which enables it to be plugged into an external monitor via a RCA port (an adaptor to convert the signal to digital is needed to plug it into an HDMI monitor).

The camera body can be opened after removing a screw hidden underneath the rainbow strip.

The small body contains a miniature battery and PCB.IMG_7531

The lens is housed in the middle of the IR LEDs, with sensor and lens fixed together.

With some difficulty the tiny lens was released from its housing. This required use of the rubbing alcohol as it was too small to use a knife to cut away the glue.

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