ishare S800

The ishare S800 camera seemed a curiosity from its description on Gearbest. It offered a detachable screen, additional powerpack, and remote control so I bought it to test.

The front and back fascias needed removing in order to removed the lens cowl, which was screwed on to the front of the camera body from the inside.

The lens was well glued into its mount, however some internet research has found a recommendation for removing hot glue – rubbing alcohol. This was effective in releasing the lens without too much force or manual removal of the glue.

The camera works well with and without it’s detachable screen. I haven’t yet tested the remote control. However, as the battery is not removable there is no way to force a reboot if the camera crashes (as it did at one point) and you need to wait until the batter drains down for it to turn itself off.

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