The Albany, WWM – test model filming


I have been collaborating again with Witherford Watson Mann to work on a video as part of their proposals for The Albany, Deptford. We are developing ways to use their models for the project as an alternative to GCI renderings and animations. This project has two models that we are using in different ways – a 1:400 massing model that has been used to test a range of alternatives for the project, and a new, still under construction, 1:75 model of the current version of the proposal.

On the 29 June I spent the afternoon at WWM’s office, recording footage of the models.  On this hot and sunny day the frame structure of the 1:75 model provided a series of delightful moving shadows. This filming served as a rehearsal for a later, more final filming, and was used to consider how to best insert the action cameras into the model, test different viewpoints, and to also inform decisions about how the model should be completed.

These test “fly-over” clips are filmed with my iPhone in slow-motion mode to obtain a smoother hand-held motion.

The 1:400 model was used to record William “performing” the strategic moves of the design development.

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