Austinmer shoe box with polycarbonate divider soffit.


This cardboard shoe box and polycarbonate dividers from J&R’s Austinmer studio was filmed with two Firefly 8S cameras, recording in time-lapse mode, 1 frame every 2 seconds @ 25fps, then sped up by 500%, giving a temporal scale of 1:250.

Both cameras are positioned near the back of the box, but have different zoom/FOV lenses. The right-hand camera has its original 90º FOV lens, but the left hand camera is using an 8.0mm lens (~58º FOV) – one of the M12 lenses I purchased a while ago but was still to use. These lenses do not have an integral UV/IR filter and I had been experimenting with filters bought for this purpose (more about the filters in another post).


During filming the right-hand camera shifted position – likely due to the cable being caught by the foot of a passer-by. I decided to use this change of view within the above side-by-side edit.

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