Firefly Q6

The Firefly Q6 has the same sensor (Sony IMX078) and processor (Novatek 96660) as the Firefly 7S, but with a different form factor. I was interested to see how this shape of camera might work with filming models.

This camera is designed more for drone filming, rather than other action camera activities. I didn’t realise when I bought the camera that it does not come with wifi, and as it also does not have its own in-built screen this means that there is no way to preview what the camera is recording. Had I known about the lack of wifi I would have been unlikely to purchase this camera.

I tried connecting it to an HDMI screen from its micro-HDMI out port, but this did not appear to be working on any screen/monitor. I accepted a partial refund from Gearbest as it would have been too expensive for met to return the camera to China to get it fixed/replaced. I needed to wait until I had concluded my dealings with Gearbest before opening up the camera, which would likely void any warranty.

Here is the camera in various states of disassembly. The lens was fairly solidly glued in, but with the application of rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol the lens unscrewed quite easily.

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