FuriBee Q6

FuriBee is Gearbest’s own brand. The FuriBee Q6 camera is less than £30 and while marketed as 4K comes with the commonly used Allwinner V3 chip (which is capable of native 3K resolutions but only interpolated 4K). This is the same chip as in the ELE Elephone Explorer and the MGCool Explorer Pro (both also marketed as 4K). It uses the Sony IMX179 sensor (the same as the MGCool Explorer Pro), capable of up to 8MP.

The lens is very easy to release from it’s fixed focus. Unfortunately the “click” sounds of the camera buttons cannot be turned off.As with many of these cameras, it comes with a full set of accessories, including a case for underwater shooting.

The iOS version of the app has the problem that if recording was started from the app, the app must stay open – quitting the app stops the recording. I haven’t yet tested the android app.

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