Hawkeye Firefly 8S (90 degree lens)

My latest action camera arrived yesterday. It is a Hawkeye Firefly 8S (90 degree lens) with true 4k, including for time-lapse footage. It can shoot in slow motion at 120fps at 1080p, has controllable iso, which will allow me to force a 100 iso to keep noise in the image to a minimum.

The front fascia comes off very easily, and although the lens is fixed at one focal length a firm twist of the lens release the glue. This enables the lens to be extended to achieve closer focal lengths. The lens can be removed in its entirety revealing the image sensor.

I made a quick test recording of a found object model – the white box that the Firefly camera arrived in, and the packing material from a recent delivery. It is filmed at the fastest time-lapse of 1 frame per second, and then sped up on Premiere by a factor of 10.

The footage has had no post-production editing other than speeding up. The lack of visible barrelling with a more traditional field of view is far preferable to the wide-angle distorted image of the other action cameras. Currently very few action cameras on the market offer the narrow FOV. Hopefully this will become more common, and the price of this camera will come down (currently just over £100) as this is the most suitable camera/image format for filming models that I have seen yet.

1 thought on “Hawkeye Firefly 8S (90 degree lens)

  1. Terry

    I have the 90 degree 8SE version, i removed its IR filter and sadly the 2 lens inside the body fell out, now idea how to put it all back together lolol



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