Yi camera problem investigations

I have now numbered each camera (just visible on the photo in the previous post), in the order they were purchased. Each camera has a different version of the firmware, and the later two are a different model to the first.

Camera 1 Wifi: YDXJ_2326644 SN: Z23A60252326644 FW: 1.2.13 Model: 23A
Camera 2 Wifi: YDXJ_3144435 SN: Z25L630ACN3144435 FW: 1.3.0 Model: 25L
Camera 3 Wifi: YDXJ_4476443 SN: Z25L640ACN4476443 FW: 1.4.8 Model: 25L

Using the found card model on the previous post, I noted each camera’s performance.

2017_04_30-Yi investigations-SketchbookNotes

Camera 1 – stopped recording many times:
@~7:50, Rec. Length: 01:57 [Filming duration: 23:24]
@~9:30, Rec. Length: 00:31 [Filming duration: 06:24]
@~14:25, Rec. Length: 01:14 [Filming duration: 14:48] (No battery inserted)
@~15:00, Rec. Length: 03:01 [Filming duration: 36:12]
Problem getting camera to start back up.

Camera 2 – recorded continuously with no problems

Camera 3 – stopped early, problems turning back on, OK after factory reset.
@~7:50, Rec. Length: 26:56 [Filming duration: 05:23:08]
@~17:05, Rec. Length: 01:06:47 [Filming duration: 13:21:24] Stopped deliberately

Notes from notebook:

Filming started at ~7:50am

Camera 1 – wifi signal gone (indicating camera turned off) by 9:19. Camera wouldn’t turn back on. Re-seated the battery and camera restarted OK. Recording restarted @~9:30. By 14:19 camera off. Battery removed from camera and recording restarted @~14:25. By 14:42 camera off – camera body very hot. Once cool, battery reinserted and recording started @~15:00, but stopped by 16:25. Restarted at 16:38, stopped by 16:53. After this camera wouldn’t restart, with or without battery.

Camera 2 – no problems. Continuous recording until next morning when recording stopped deliberately.

Camera 3 – By 14:19 camera off. This camera won’t turn on without battery. Appears to turn on with battery, but wifi signal not available on phone (although blue wifi light on). Still records via top button, and switches mode via front button. Camera rebooted using the reset function: when on long press power and wifi buttons simultaneously. Camera now reset to factory settings and new wifi name (YDXJ_1234567), which I have reset back (via the app) to the original one which align with the serial number.

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